• Family Medicine

    Our physicians and Nurse Practitioners are board certified in family medicine and are here to provide you with the highest quality of medical care available for your entire family. We provide comprehensive, personalized, and holistic healthcare to all ages with an emphasis on disease prevention, lifestyle coaching, and health promotion in the context of your Continue Reading

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  • Adolescent Care

    Our physicians and medical providers are trained to provide your teenager with the best and most comprehensive medical care to help them deal the physical, psychological, and medical problems that confront them during their adolescent years of 13-17. The care of adolescent boys and girls are a large part of our practice in family medicine. Continue Reading

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  • Womens Health

    Our physicians and medical providers are board certified in family medicine and have extensive training in gynecology and women’s health. They can provide you with personalized, holistic, and empathetic care for the women’s health issues that you face. We believe in a collaborative approach and this entails both the physician and healthcare provider’s participation in Continue Reading

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  • Pediatrics & Immunizations

    Our physicians and medical providers are board certified in family medicine and have extensive pediatric training and are able to provide your children the highest quality medical care. As a physician, one of the areas of medicine I enjoy most is caring for kids. It is rewarding to participate in providing healthcare for babies, children, Continue Reading

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  • Osteopathic & Sports Medicine

    Osteopathic medicine is a distinctive form of medical care that is founded on the philosophy that all of our body systems are interrelated and dependent upon one another for good health. This philosophy was developed in 1874 by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, who pioneered the concept of “Wellness” and recognized the importance of treating illness Continue Reading

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Natural Physicians in Parker

There is growing concern about the side effects of taking different types of medications, and some people are nervous to schedule an appointment with a doctor because they fear that medications will be the only treatment option that is available. It is true that many doctors focus on the medications, but there are also natural physicians in Parker who can help you to evaluate your holistic health.

One of the advantages of visiting one of these natural physicians in Parker, such as Aspen Creek Family Medicine, is the fact that the doctor will look at your lifestyle habits and help you to understand how those choices affect your overall health. When you make changes to your daily living, you can literally transform your health.

These natural doctors will likely look at things such as nutrition and fitness. If you are making poor food choices, then it is more likely that you will be susceptible to illness and disease. Additionally, physical fitness can have a drastic impact on your overall health as well. But, if you discuss these lifestyle factors with a doctor, then you can begin to make changes in order to improve your health. Good nutrition and exercise can have a positive impact on many areas of life, including weight loss, heart health, mental wellness, energy levels, and disease prevention.
Call us today so that we can discuss the natural ways that you can prevent disease and improve your overall health. We are available to work with patients in all stages of life, and we would love to talk with you: (303) 840-3800