• Family Medicine

    Our physicians and Nurse Practitioners are board certified in family medicine and are here to provide you with the highest quality of medical care available for your entire family. We provide comprehensive, personalized, and holistic healthcare to all ages with an emphasis on disease prevention, lifestyle coaching, and health promotion in the context of your Continue Reading

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  • Adolescent Care

    Our physicians and medical providers are trained to provide your teenager with the best and most comprehensive medical care to help them deal the physical, psychological, and medical problems that confront them during their adolescent years of 13-17. The care of adolescent boys and girls are a large part of our practice in family medicine. Continue Reading

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  • Womens Health

    Our physicians and medical providers are board certified in family medicine and have extensive training in gynecology and women’s health. They can provide you with personalized, holistic, and empathetic care for the women’s health issues that you face. We believe in a collaborative approach and this entails both the physician and healthcare provider’s participation in Continue Reading

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  • Pediatrics & Immunizations

    Our physicians and medical providers are board certified in family medicine and have extensive pediatric training and are able to provide your children the highest quality medical care. As a physician, one of the areas of medicine I enjoy most is caring for kids. It is rewarding to participate in providing healthcare for babies, children, Continue Reading

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  • Osteopathic & Sports Medicine

    Osteopathic medicine is a distinctive form of medical care that is founded on the philosophy that all of our body systems are interrelated and dependent upon one another for good health. This philosophy was developed in 1874 by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, who pioneered the concept of “Wellness” and recognized the importance of treating illness Continue Reading

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Questions to Ask a Parker Family Practice

If you are seeking a new family doctor, you will want to ask some questions before your first appointment. Most doctors will be happy to answer these questions to put your mind at ease. This ensures that you end up with a doctor that can meet not only your needs as a patient, but as a person, too.

What are the Office Hours?
Depending on your work schedule, certain offices might not work for you. Ask about the office hours before choosing a Parker family practice doctor to ensure that you will have the ability to get to your appointments. An increasing number of offices now open earlier in the morning to accommodate those who work all day.

What Do You Treat?
You will want to be certain that your Parker family practice doctor can treat the majority of your afflictions in the office. If you have to visit a specialist for nearly every procedure, it’s probably not worth keeping the doctor. Good offices have the ability to treat about 90% of medical problems right at their office.

Are Injuries Treated?
Those who participate in sports will want to know if their injuries can be treated by the family doctor or if their recovery will be overseen by a specialist.

Do You See Infants?
Finally, those planning to have children will want to choose a doctor that provides pediatric care as well. Having to visit one office for yourself and another for your child just makes life too difficult.

Make an Appointment
The only way to see if a particular office will work for you is to make an appointment and see what they have to offer. You can call Aspen Creek Family Medicine at (303) 840-3800 to set up an appointment with one of Parker’s most experienced medical teams and see if they work for you.